Clash Royale Strategy: Everything You Need To Know About Electro Wizard Challenge

The new Electro Wizard Challenge sets all players in a global deathmatch where one needs to rake an astounding 12 wins in order to reap the most coveted reward - a guaranteed Electro Wizard drop. Now it may sound quite easy given that you only need 12 wins but in reality, only 0.65% of the total entries will reach to the 12th round. Now, the odds may seem to be quite low but there are ways where you can improve your chances in winning consecutively and effectively farming Electro Wizards. Here's everything you need to know about the Electro Wizard challenge.

Electro Wizard Challenge

Just like most challenges, this one will give you a free admission during your first attempt but consequent entries will then cost you 100 gems. Now, you can easily switch your cards in-between your matches and so, take your time to swap and/or modify your deck. Now let's move on to the actual strategy.

Electro Wizard Challenge Strategy Guide

First and foremost, you need to understand the hardest counters for the Electro Wizard. The most popular decks in the current challenge is the Miner control, Siege and Beatdown decks. Now, as much as possible, you'd want to counter these decks as these decks will give you the hardest challenges. Here are the possible cards than you can use to play around these builds.

Miner - Miner works well with Electro Wizard as it can serve as both an anti-Miner deck as well as overpowering common Beatdown decks. Be sure to correctly position your Electro Wizard as you deploy your Miner.

Bowler - Bowler is definitely great as both a tank and a siege unit. With most decks focusing around the Electro Wizard, few people have direct counters to a Bowler and thus, you can maximize this effectively in your end. Make a one huge push or counter swarm troops using this card!

Fireball - You should always carry this spell in your hand as it is the best spell to counter against the Electro Wizard - although Tornado and Log can be used for a far more advanced tactics. Even so, Fireball is the safest spell to play against the current challenge so be sure to save it in your hand!

Ice Golem - This is a cheap counter for the Electro Wizard and it also works well against swarm troops, siege and even beatdown decks!

Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect deck which means that switching cards in-between matches is highly encouraged. Aside from building a deck around the Electro Wizard, keep in mind the overall strengths and weaknesses of your build.

Surprise your enemy using cheap tactics and positive Elixir trades and you'll eventually be able to farm Electro Wizard effectively! Be sure to check back for more Clash Royale strategy guides! Check out OJ's video down below for more info.

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