Clash Royale 4 New Cards Revealed: Executioner Overpowered?

A new set of cards has now been officially revealed which will soon come alongside the new Jungle Arena. The new cards highlight the 'jungle' theme specially the Dart Goblin. Aside from the four new cards, Supercell granted Orange Juice a limited access to the Electro Wizard which can be seen on his video down below. Here are the highlights of the upcoming cards in Clash Royale:

Electro Wizard

The newest Legendary card, the Electro Wizard, will soon hit our deck and Orange Juice clearly displays how powerful the new card is. Despite its low HP pool, which makes it very fragile against Fireball, the new Wizard is capable of obliterating both Tanks and swarm troops efficiently. But before you drop this card, remember that it moves almost as fast as the mini P.E.K.K.A!

Dart Goblin

Upon the release of Electro Wizard, we will then see the Dart Goblin coming next. This peculiar goblin has mediocre stats but has an insane hit speed. It's great when used as a support against clearing swarm troops. Just be mindful of its low HP pool which sits just the same as the Princess.


After the Dart Goblin is unlocked, the Executioner comes next. This card costs 5 Elixir and deals 140 twice on both Air and Land units. Why twice? Well, the troop basically hurls his axe like a boomerang which deals damage as it tears through enemies on the initial throw and on the way back. The card has a hefty amount of HP, comparable to a Miner which means that it can soak some damage before wearing down.

Now why is it considered overpowered? Simple, with just 5 Elixir, you now have an AoE cleaver which you can't disable using your usual spells due to its high HP pool. If paired with a tanker on the front, this card can easily demolish a lane. Check out the video below to see its great potential.

Battle Ram

Battle Ram will soon follow after we unlock the Executioner. It's basically a pair of two Barbarians that carries a battering ram. The ram would serve as a shield for the two barbarians which enable the troops to charge right into the enemy building, ignoring units along the way. It deals significant amount of damage once it rams into its target.

Goblin Gang

The last card to debut is the Goblin Gang. It's basically a swarm of Goblins and Spear Goblins but with a lower overall Elixir value. The card is great at both defending and attacking - effectively distracting tanks and defensive buildings. If you love swarm siege then this deck is a must!

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