How Sony Successfully Sold 50 Million 'PlayStation 4' Units?

Sony has recently announced that the PlayStation 4 consoles have exceeded 50 million worldwide sales. The PlayStation 4 has now officially sold more units when compared to Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo's Wii U COMBINED, which confirms its position as the fastest-selling gaming console.

It has been Sony's year

The 50 million sales milestone of the PlayStation 4 was finally reached courtesy of the company's best ever Black Friday week, which includes the console sales of the more powerful PS4 Pro. To top it off, more than 369.6 million video games have also been sold in both retail and digital downloads, according to a statement from Sony.

Sony is delighted for the honor

Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated that they are truly honored that the PlayStation 4 gaming community is continuing to flourish since the launching of the console three years ago.

House has also said that because of the enormous support coming from their fans and partners around the globe, they were able to produce and deliver a remarkable lineup of devices such as the newer and slimmer PS4, PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation VR. House also added that Sony will continue to provide the best gaming experiences available in the foreseeable future

Square Enix to release new game

In related news, Square Enix has recently announced that a demo for their upcoming action role-playing game NieR: Automata, which has been dubbed as DEMO 120161128, will launch through the PlayStation Store on December 22 in Japan. The demo will primarily be focused on the game's battle action gameplay.

When Square Enix announced the official release date for the upcoming action RPG, the video game company also said that they would be releasing a demo in the coming weeks. NieR: Automata will roll out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 23, 2017, March 7, 2017, in North America, and March 10, 2017, in Europe.

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