Pokemon GO Guide: Android Version Not Opening? Here's How To Fix It

Pokemon GO has just been updated in Android with patch 0.51.0. The fix will not include major features to be added in the game but the players are commenting that they cannot open the game once they have finished updating the game. Thankfully, the players can now fix the issue.

Users of Android phones such as LG phones G4, V10 and V20, Samsung phones such as Note 5, Note 4 and Note 3 and other models are saying that Pokemon GO does not open. They are bothered because the update was supposed to improve the game and not bring more problems.

According to International Business Times, in order to open the updated Pokemon GO in Android phones, the users need to open their data connection first. After that, they must disable the GPS Location tracking in the Settings menu.

Once the empty map loads again, the players need to turn on the GPS location again. There are no assurance that this technique will work on all the Android phones but it worked on Samsung models. But there are other steps on opening Pokemon GO that require wifi.

The players need to uninstall Pokemon GO and reinstall it again. After this step, they must clear the data app. They need to go to Settings, find Application and select the name of the game and click clear data. However, players must know that these steps need to be repeated from time to time.

As per Heavy, the players need to just quit Pokemon GO. This step is obviously the easiest compared to the two steps. First, they need to go to Settings and then choose Application. In that menu, they need to select the running options before choosing the game and finally clicking Force Quit option.

Niantic might have provided an update on both iOS and Android players of Pokemon GO but it just disappointed those who downloaded the latest patch. Hopefully, these steps will be able to help the Android users to finally play the game again.

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