Pokemon GO Update: Pokemon Spawn Rate Increases In Rural Areas

Pokemon GO fans in the rural areas now have a bigger opportunity to catch Pokemon in their area. Niantic is making sure that fans outside the city can now capture more monsters within their vicinity. This will be a great news for them especially now that some Gen 2 creatures are added in the game.

Niantic will increase the population rates of Pokemon in Pokemon GO in urban places especially in rural areas. Previousl, players living in the countryside noticed that Pokestops are very limited or if not limited is very far away from each stop.

Fans have been complaining about this to Niantic because they really love to catch 'em all in Pokemon GO. Thankfully, trainers have now experienced an increase in spawn rates of Pokemon in the game, making it easier for them to capture different varieties of monsters.

Niantic may have addressed the issues but players are still waiting for the full effectiveness of the spawn rate until they notice more Pokemon in the rural areas. They are also wondering what type of monsters will more likely show up, according to Attack of the Fanboy.

Players in rural areas are still waiting for other updates of Pokemon GO because amongst other players, they have been the most deprived when it comes to encountering common to rare Pokemon. This is one of their biggest issues ever since the game was released.

As per Polygon, Niantic is integrating Pokestops in retailers such as Starbucks and Sprint stores in the urban areas. This will be a good gimmick because of the weather and players would want to exercise to get physically fit for the holidays.

Players in rural areas are extremely happy with what Niantic is doing in Pokemon GO. They are hoping that more and more monsters will be available in their area and that more Pokestops will be present in their vicinities. 

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