GoPro Hero 6 Latest News And Updates: 2017 Release Cancelled?

There has been a great series of reviews for the Go Pro Hero 5 that was just released this year, 2016. Many were astounded with the features and specifications that the latter has to offer. With this, many believed that its success could yield to the release of its successor, the GoPro Hero 6. But news publications prove otherwise.

GoPro Suffers Economic Decline, Employee Termination Prevalent

News reports told that the company manufacturing  GoPro is suffering an economic downfall as it continues to decrease their cost and expenses as a whole. Few of its employees are currently experiencing termination and their entertainment unit was put to an end. In fact, it was stated that the entity lost greater half of its value this year, 2016.With this; many are speculating that the company might not be able to produce and manufacture its planned GoPro Hero 6.

According to CNN, the strategy of the said company getting to the top wasn't enough. It was revealed that GoPro has been partnering with Red Bull, Microsoft and Xbox Live. Also, many were right as to speculating that their newly-released Karma Drone is not a perfect timing. Experts told that its release was late to prove its effectiveness as an action camera.

GoPro Hero 6 To Feature Longer Battery Life, Touch And Voice Commands

On the side note, if GoPro Hero 6 will still push through next year, many are convinced that it will improve its battery life. The extensive longevity of the battery has been a great issue in the previous action cameras. It was believed that the company would focus and give more weight on that specific area.

Aside from that, voice and touch commands were also expected to be featured in the upcoming product; making it easier and more time-efficient to access.

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