Apple AirPods Are Surprisingly Better Than Apple Watch, Product Reviews Say It All

Some thought that the AirPods were just one of the few less appreciated Apple products to date. With its release this year, consumers were kind of astonished to see this feature of Apple's newly-released products. All eyes were mixed with shock and disappointment all at the same time. But it seems like the Apple AirPods are ready to prove its usefulness to its users from all over the world.

Here's Why People Loved the Apple AirPods After Using Them

Apple AirPods work just the same as all headphones in the world. It is used mainly for listening to music, watching movies and answering private calls. But what makes it different than the other ear piece is that it is wireless. Consumers would plug the AirPods in their iPhone using Bluetooth for it to function right and well.

With its unique feature, some users believed that they would look weird after using the product. However, it seems like all their concerns and worries were chopped off when they started utilizing Apple AirPods.

Fox 17 Online revealed that they have done series of activities while wearing the AirPods. And one thing that they have discovered, the product did not hinder them from moving one way or another. AirPods, with all the exhausting tasks that the reviewers had made, did not fall off or became loose.

Also, the quality of sound being provided by the Apple AirPods should never be overlooked. The product provided excellence and top-of-the-line audio giving its user an unusual iPhone usage experience. The goods also worked with the iPhone products companion, Siri, as you could check the weather updates by just tapping on the sides of the Apple AirPods.

Apple AirPods Are More Saleable Than Apple Watch: Sale Projections Revealed

On the other hand, Apple AirPods seem to generate more revenue than the Apple watch products. According to Forbes, it is believed that the AirPods could generate 22 million units sold in the first year of its release. This could be converted into a revenue of $3.5 billion next year, 2017.

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