Aston Martin DB11 Review: This Car Does Not Need Wings To Get Great Aerodynamics

One of the first things that usually come to mind when someone says "Aston Martin" is James Bond. That may be about to change into "aerodynamics." This is due to the new generation of Aston Martin DB11 demonstrating that it does not require wings to have great aerodynamics.

Doing Away With Wings

Aerodynamics is considered to be one of the most important aspects of building any vehicle. The downforce generated when a car is moving basically adds to the stability of the vehicle. Adding a rear wing or spoiler is the usual solution of automakers to address this aspect. Apparently, this is something that the development team of the Aston Martin DB11 did not want to do as it gives the car an unpleasant look. The solution came with the name "Aeroblad" as reported by Road and Track.

The Aeroblade

Reports state that the Aeroblade basically allows air to be directed to the C-pillar of the Aston Martin DB11 where it passes through the ducts found in the car and exits from the decklid found in the rear portion of the car. Accordingly, there is also a deployable spoiler found on the roof of the Aston Martin DB11 that handles the extra air that was not able to pass through the C-pillar. The Aeroblade is basically applied to the whole car as the side mirrors also designed to reduce drag as reported.

The Demonstration

According to a report from Car Buzz, the automaker even demonstrated the "Aeroblade" in action. This came in the form of a video clip that showed the 2017 Aston Martin DB11 in a room with big fans and a device that generated smoke to simulate the downforce. Unfortunately, the automaker only showed a demonstration and there were no further details given about how the Aeroblade concept was created.

Will Aeroblade Be Applied To Other Cars

Whether the Aeroblade will be applied to other cars in Aston Martin's lineup remains to be seen. In the meantime, those that will be purchasing the Aston Martin DB11 will be the first-hand witnesses as to how the new concept performs in real road conditions.

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