Dyson's Launches Supersonic: The Next Gen Hair Dryers

Dyson's launch in New York is not an ordinary hair dryer launch event at all; the event is having all feel and looks of an Apple event. Dyson's is well known for producing class leading vacuum cleaners. But now, with the launch of Supersonics hair dryers, Dyson's proved that they can also blow the air out. Even the device really looks like Supersonic cool.

The Evolution Of Dyson's Supersonic Dryers

The Dyson's R&D spent more than $67 million and four years to develop a supersonic.They have to make sure that supersonic will not be just an ordinary hair dryer. For this, they used more than 1,000 miles equal length real hairs and spent more than $50,000 to test vigorously how heat will damage hair.

How Dyson's Supersonic Dryers Work?

There is an electronic mechanism that controls the supersonic, which is made of a thermostat and a microprocessor. It blows hot air for at least 20 seconds for the first time and if it finds that the heat is excessive, which can damage the hair, then it sends a message to the microprocessor to control the heat output mechanism.

Is It Really A Supersonic?

The Dyson's uses a futuristic digital motor, which has a rate of more than 100,000 rpm that in turns produces the air throw. Reports say it feels like taking an open Ferrari ride and it is hardly audible. The Supersonic consists of internal acoustic silencers that will significantly reduce the sound.

How To Use To The Supersonic?

There are four buttons placed on the supersonic body. One button is for on/off function. Two buttons are located on the front top for adjusting the heat and the air flow. Holding the fourth button will trigger a cool air shower.

Supersonic is currently launched exclusively at Sephora stores, but it will be available in all the leading supermarkets and retailers later this month. It can also be purchased at Dyson's official website.

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