Tesla Tops Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey Leaving Fiat At The Bottom

Known media outfit, Consumer Reports, takes their annual satisfaction to car owners to determine how satisfied they are with their vehicles. Car brands need to have at least two models in order to have a reliable data. This survey, Consumer Reports, spotlights car models that came out from 2014 until 2017. Over 300,000 different models have been included In the survey.

Least Recommended Vehicles

First off, we focus on vehicles that had minimal recommendation from its owners. Consumers were given a simple question that asks them if they would buy their current vehicle if given another chance. The Acura ILX was at the bottom of the list of the most regrettable car. Only 41 responded to buying the car again, the rest were dissatisfied.

The Dodge Dart did not gain popularity with its owners as well. Owners complained of the small car's sluggish acceleration and air conditioning not being strong enough. Making it unreliable and annoying for driving through hot summer days and on highways. The Jeep Compass also had a low score and only 42 percent of its current owners responded that they would buy it again. Owners have complained its fuel economy being lower than expected and slow performance, in addition to its uncomfortable ride.

Other brands that were detractors were the Frontier and Pathfinder from Nissan, the Chrysler 200 and the Dodge Grand Caravan. These vehicles were not recommended by its owners because if its uncomfortable seats, mediocre fuel mileage and unexpected trips to the dealership. Most of the participants mentioned that the vehicles were not good partners to go on road trips.

Tesla Is This Year's Most Recommended Vehicle

For the highly recommended ones, Fiat came in at number 29 with 53 percent of its owners saying that they would buy their car again. Although Ram has fallen five spots from its rank last year, it still ranked the seventeenth spot with 70 percent of its owners highly recommending their trucks and vans. Unsurprisingly, Tesla, Porsche, Subaru and Audi came in at the top four of the list. Tesla was the overall highly recommended vehicle brand and gained a huge popularity with 91 percent of its owners, undoubtedly, wanting to buy their Tesla's again.

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