Pokemon GO Holiday Event Is Extended From Christmas Day; Full Details Revealed

Instead of spending their days inside their homes on Christmas Day, Pokemon GO players now have a reason to go out and look for Pokemon. Finally, the Pokemon GO Christmas event is unveiled - and it will come on Christmas Day! Come Dec. 25, players will be able to enjoy plenty of bonuses in the game. More than that, Niantic decided to extend their holiday event until the early days of January.

The Disappointment Is Over

After a hopeful prediction and a disappointing update, Pokemon GO's much-awaited holiday event for real has finally come. This Dec. 25, Niantic will be giving out plenty of bonuses as a gift to their loyal players. The fun would also be extended from Dec. 25 to Jan. 8 where players will get plenty of chance to catch new Pokemon and hatch eggs easier.

What To Expect From The Latest Pokemon Go Holiday Event

On Christmas Day, Pokemon Go players will have higher chances of hatching other Pokemon like Togepi. This is because PokeStops will give more eggs and a one-time incubator to hatch a Pokemon for each day until the event lasts. Not only that, players will be able to find more Pokemon found in the Johto region and Pikachu will be seen more frequently with his festive hat on around the map.

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Extended Until New Year

From Dec. 30 until Jan. 8, Niantic will extend their holiday event until New Year with frequent appearance of starters from the Kanto region. Pokemon GO players will have more chances to catch Pokemon like Blastoise, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Charizard, Charmeleon, Ivysaur, Squirtle, Venusaur and Wartotle. Instead of just 30 minutes, lure modules will also be set to last for double the time, which means that it will be up for 60 minutes. Players who would like to know more about the event can go and visit the official post of the Pokemon Go team from Niantic.

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