Wolfprint 3D Launches Human Scanning Pods

Wolfprint 3D is on a mission to bring humanity into VR. Founded by Timmu Tõke in 2014, the company just announced a successful financing round where more than half a million dollars was raised using crowdfunding platform, Seedinvest.

Wolfprint 3D is a startup company from the beautiful country Estonia. The makers of the Luna 3D scanning pod told that this egg-shaped booth can scan a complete digital model of a human, which can then be used to create a 3D model. It has been reported by WolfPrint that so far the company has scanned more than five thousand people and the resulting avatars are used in VR environments.

Wolfprint Aims A Global Expansion Of 3D Scanning Pods
The company has plans to install the Luna pods in public spaces such as airports, shopping malls and other locations where the technology can be easily accessed.

Rainer Selvert, the CTO, said that "currently 3D scanning is very expensive, it can cost more than $500 to make a high-quality 3D scan." Often 3D scans require further work to complete the model before they are usable. Rainer says that the Luna Pod is definitely going to provide a cheaper solution and precise solution.
Wolfprint 3D have so far built 4 pods, 3 of which are already deployed by the company and has already signed with giants like Paramount and Nike to expand their business.

The 3D Scanning Market Is Growing At 70% Per Month
The CEO estimates that the annual revenue collection per booth will be approximate $50,000. and the future forecast clearly shows that market will touch a whopping $120 billion in 2020.

Product Line of Social VR's
The Luna 3D is the first product launched which is a proprietary 3D scanning booth that works autonomously. It uses 6 high definition off-the-shelf cameras to create detailed and realistic 3D scans of people's faces.  On average the entire scanning process takes fewer than 90 seconds.  Wolfprint believes that to make VR truly social, every person needs a 3D avatar and that is possible only by using 3D scanning.

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