The Galaxy S7 Edge Will Probably Be The Last Of The "S" Line Series

There might not be a Samsung Galaxy S8 next year - well, in terms of model names.

According to recent posts, there is a growing speculation from fans and critics that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones will not carry the "S" name. Meaning, it won't be named as Samsung Galaxy S8 anymore. Instead, the 2017 Samsung Galaxy smartphones will have a different name. Regarding what name will it be, there are no leaks yet, unlike the iPhone 8 that is reported to have an iPhone 8 model codenamed as "Ferrari."

As surprising as it may sound, it does seem to be "believable" in a sense that Samsung might change the model name. As to why, when people (even the ones who have little interests in technology) are asked about what they think of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Note7, or S7 Edge, the first thing that comes to people's minds is "explosion." And it is understandable because this year really tarnished the image of the Samsung devices which the tech company has been trying to rub off from its shoulders. But the damage has been done leading to the consumers' disappointments.

Another reason is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's "exploding" reports that have really caused both physical and psychological damages to some users who weren't lucky enough. Sad to say, no one in their right mind will patronize a brand that is associated with harmful features. It will be like volunteering to carry a time bomb - but that doesn't mean that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will be like that. It's just that the reported incidents associated with the Galaxy Note 7 made people avoid purchasing the device.

There was even a report that Samsung's washing machines also had a bursting feature, where users reported that some parts of the washing machine tend to fly away and cause harm to its surrounding while using it. Whether this allegation is true or not, it was quite surprising that it did not really catch so much attention. But what we do know is that the users who bought a Samsung washing machine planned to sue Samsung to compensate for the damages caused.

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