Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs, Release Date And Other Rumors: Everything We Know So Far

It has been a while since Microsoft said it would release new products from its Surface line but with October seeming like a distant past and 2016 just about to wrap it all up, fans may just have to wait for the next year.

Despite the broken promises, the Surface Pro 5 remains promising. Here is a wrap up of all the news, leaks, and rumors gathered about the device that is supposed to topple Apple's MacBook Pro from its pedestal.


The easy guess here is the Pro 5 will run on Kaby Lake, Intel's latest processor. This will likely be the Pro variant. The entry-level non-Pro variant will have Qualcomm Snapdragon under its hood. As for the RAM, rumors say the Pro 5 we have at least 8GB. The 16GB version will come with 1TB of internal storage.


As mentioned above, there will probably be two different versions of the Pro 5. The entry-level version will have a 2K resolution while the high-end one will have 4K. The 2K version will sport the PixelSense display.


Dr. Windows, a popular German Microsoft blog, indicated that the Surface Pro 4 successor may support eSIM which is a way to standardize SIM cards.

According to Yahoo, this rumor came about after it was discovered that the software giant has struck a deal with Transatel, a mobile provider that does business globally. The deal points to Microsoft carrying eSIM packages from Transatel in the Microsoft Store.

It must be noted that previous Surface products particularly the Pro 4 and the Surface Book do not feature eSIM. Dr. Windows implied that the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 will have eSIM.

Other Features

The upcoming Surface device will have a rechargeable Surface Pen. It will also have Type-C USB ports

Release Date

Many were disappointed that the Surface Pro 5 did not come along last October. At least that gives them something to watch out for in 2017. The guess now is that the new Surface Pro will be unveiled in next year's Windows 10 Creators Update which will supposedly happen on Mar. 17.

Inquistr, however, believes an earlier release date is more beneficial for the company. It thinks that the new Surface Pro


As for the price, there's nothing but rumors and guesses out there right now. However, most estimates peg the Surface Pro 5 to be worth the same as the Pro 4 when it was first launched.

Again, these details about the hybrid laptop and tablet are just rumors for now. To now the real score, wait for Microsoft's official announcement.

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