Apple 'iMac 2017' Might Only Have Tweaks Instead Of Major Changes

Apple 'iMac 2017' Might Only Have Tweaks Instead Of Major Changes
In lieu of the 10th anniversary of the revolutionary Apple iPhone, the tech giant is extra busy and all out with the preparations for the upcoming year, with a full roster of activities scheduled throughout 2017. Photo : YouTube/ Jonathan Morrison

Despite the hectic preparations, though, Apple is most definitely not forgetting about their other famous products, and this includes the iMac. As a matter of fact, according to news site Bloomberg, the tech giant is currently finding ways to rejuvenate and refresh their flagship desktop PC.

According to Christian Times, a major overhaul with the iMac is not to be expected, however, with only a set of creative tweaking to be done with it, to add a fresher perspective to things. Part of these anticipated changes would include a more powerful AMD chip for smoother and crisper graphics, as well as an all-new USB port for easier management for other gadgets being used.

To effectively complement the news of these changes, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities has forecasted that the release of the new iMac models to take place within the first 6 months of the next year. 

The iMac 2017 will soon be out

Current CEO of the tech giant, Tim Cook, however, was quick to assure that Apple would still give its full devotion to their desktop PC amidst other product launches in the years to come, which comes after leaving iMac clients a little bit underwhelmed with the changes that have been made.

Tech Crunch managed to get a hold of a post on a message board of an employee at Apple, and the exec wrote a long note in a bid to solve the concerns about the iMac. According to Cook, people have already raised doubts regarding on how committed they are to developing desktops.

To clear this doubt, he states that they are in talks of creating a whole new line of desktops and that there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to the priorities of Apple set for them. Moreover, Cook has emphasized Apple's initiatives to brainstorm for new and innovative products, as well as their unceasing quest for great ideas and potentials that could be used elsewhere.

Things to Expect with the iMac 2017

According to Network World, he also says that they don't do things for the sake of investment return, or in other words, strictly for business means.They also don't do it simply because they have knowledge as to how it ought to be used, which is the safe and common motif behind doing things.

Rather, they do it because it generates interest and could drive people somewhere definite, despite all the uncertainties and the odds. While this does not hold true most of the time, he adds that it leads them to places they never thought they would reach.

As of writing, the iMac still manages to make several new sales on a regular basis, as shown during the Black Friday Sale of last month, and therefore it could be said that the popularity of their units has not wavered significantly. Whichever the case is, we just need to wait for the official release of the iMac 2017 to know more specific details surrounding its very existence.

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