Will The 'iMac 2017' VR Compatibility Help Its Sales Success?

Early predictions have predicted that the iMac 2017 will feature Virtual Reality-compatible features. Here are some of the things you need to know about the company's future release.

Apple will have their hands full

Now that the rumors regarding the latest iMac will be released this year has been debunked, it now seems like Apple has decided to develop and enhance their product even more now that it's slated to be released next year. Fans anticipate the announcement or the launching of the iMac to happen on March 2017.

iMac 2017's most anticipated feature

What is constantly being talked about right now is the possible VR compatibility features that are heavilyrumored to be integrated with Apple's upcoming iMac 2017. With this move, it will definitely allow the tech giant to finally compete with PC's VR-related gaming and entertainment programs. But since most games only offer 4K resolution as of the moment, Apple might decide to lower, or make their resolution a lot moreflexible for gaming display compatibilitypurposes.

Apple finally entering the gaming scene

Apple has been constantly criticized for not focusing much on the gaming scene compared to its rival Microsoft. However, 2017 might just be the year for them to join into the gaming mix. Aside from these rumors, reports have also said that Apple is choosing between Intel Skylake, Xeon, or Kaby Lake for their possible Chipset.

Which chipset will they use?

However, because of experienced delays with the Kaby Lake, the tech giant might opt for either Intel Xeon or Skylake for their iMac 2017. Intel Xeon has been famous for being the main processor behind known high-end computers today. They might also opt for the Skylake SOC, the processor that Apple used for its Macbook Pro 2016.

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