Google Home Tips And Tricks: How To Get Started With The Smart Assistant

Google Home is a voice-activated device made by Google. It is just another virtual assistant, which has been brought to just make lives easier and simpler. All that is need to be done is say "Okay Google" and get started with the very own personal assistant completely hands-free.

Microphone Should Be Disabled

There would be a button present on the back side of the Google Home that would stop the microphone from continuously listening to the wake phrase "Ok Google". As soon as it would be pressed the voice would speak "Microphone Off" and the light indicator would turn red. Whenever needed one can just do the opposite and get started with it.

Enable Guest Mode

The Google home device also has a guest mode to it which means it allows friends and family who can access it without using the Wi-Fi network. To enable guest mode, Home app> Menu > Guest mode.

Assistant Preferences

Google home acts as a perfect assistant for everyday work. From listening to daily news to scheduling meetings it will help to get everything ready by just commanding to it.

Open Home App. Slide the menu drawer and go to More Settings. The first thing that can be chosen and looked over are the news update where you can ask Google to provide with voice over reading them.

Don't Get Pissed, Just Reboot

To every solution whenever everything stuck up in the technological background all that is needed to do is just reset the whole system or by saying Reboot the device. Open Home app > Devices > Menu > Reboot.

Rename The Device

To rename: Devices > Menu > Settings. Under the Device info section, tap on Name. From here one can change the name of the Google home to whatever it might be easy to remember. The names must be kept in such a way so that it is easier for Google to understand the command clearly.

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