Google Home Takes Over Fame Of Amazon's Alexa With Its Stunning Features

On its first preview, Google Home received different feedbacks from all its prospect consumers. Some believed that it could exceed expectations while most people admitted that they thought Google Home was just one of the imitations of Amazon's Echo. But with the drastic changes it brought to various households, many were amazed on how Google Home outrun all technologies.

Google Home Features Several Specs That Couldn't Be Seen In Amazon's Echo

With just few months from its release, many were shocked with what Google Home could instantly offer on its owner. It allegedly took over the top position of Amazon's Alexa. But with the time span given, it is also believed that Alexa would get right back on the traffic.

With this, Google Home is trying to exceed expectations and is featuring stunning specs that are not visible in any other home technologies.

Both virtual assistants are voice activated. Once turned on, you could immediately voice out to Google Home and Amazon Echo what they need to do. Both are in great help as home controllers, packed with features that are great help in gatherings and reunions.

However, Google Home features now a control on the Belkin Wemo products and WeMO Insight switches. It was also revealed that the company would try to expand the capabilities of the smart home language which would be named as 'Weave'

Google Home Helps Consumer Control Netflix Through Voice

Moreover, it was also revealed that Google Home would let consumer control the application Netflix using their voice in the near future. This would be possible with the help of a Chromecast streamer.

Users are also expecting that Google Home would feature push notifications real soon. With this, people are expecting that Google Home would eventually surpass Alexa by giving its owner a relief on the money being spent.

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