Clash Royale: Top 5 Cards In The Electro Wizard Challenge

The Electro Wizard is the upcoming Legendary card that's still, technically, unreleased yet. But once you unlock the card via the Electro Wizard Challenge, the card becomes fully available to you early on. Now, how do you effectively unlock the Electro Wizard? Well, you simply have to accumulate 12 wins in the brand new challenge! But the real question is, will it be easy?

Of course not! Since you're essentially paired amongst millions of players trying to win and farm the Electro Wizard. But fear not as we got some exciting new tips for you! Today, we will be showing you the most effective cards in the Electro Wizard Challenge and give you a glimpse of how top tier players efficiently farm the new Legendary card.

Top 5 Cards In Electro Wizard Challenge

Elite Barbarians - with the latest update, Supercell had buffed the Elite Barbarians to the extent that the card went from extremely low pick-rate to the highly prized meta card. The EB is very popular in mid to high arenas and it, too, has one of the most outstanding win rates in the new challenge. Although rare, this is one of the scenarios where a single push can take you three Crowns instantly.

Fireball - Needless to say, this spell is fairly common in most decks in the challenge as it can basically one shot the Electro Wizard. This card is also great at countering swarm troops - which most of your enemies will surely use as bait. Always keep in mind that your enemy will try to bring out this spell out of your deck to play the Electro Wizard safely. Play around it!

Ice Golem - This is one value card that is good at countering cards such as the Graveyard, Electro Wizard, etc. With the availability of all cards in the game, this card offers low-cost to your already medium to high-Elixir cost deck. There's a reason why this card has the highest win rate!

Archers - Archers are great at dealing against Mega Minion, Fire Spirits, Graveyard, etc. This card is great in defense and with its low Elixir-cost; this one will surely fit into most decks! Be sure to work around the enemy's spells before deploying Archers!

Graveyard - This card is great at dealing against Miner or Bowler control decks as they won't have that much defensive troop to deal against this card other than some cheap cards like Archers, etc. Other than that, Graveyard is high popular in the Electro Wizard Challenge which you can also see in most decks used by streamers!

Electro Wizard Challenge Tip

Now all of these cards do not necessarily have to be included in your deck. Your main concern is to incorporate one of these cards into your deck OR you can build a deck centered to counter these cards. Always remember that early domination is the key to a successful Electro Wizard Challenge run. Orange Juice has made a great video about the best decks in Electro Wizard Challenge which you can see down below.

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