Elite Barbarians Are Capable Of Destroying King’s Tower Without Destroying Either One Of Arena Towers

Are you playing the recently buffed Elite Barbarians? If you still haven't then this will show you the myriad of reasons why you should start today! Here's the reason why Elite Barbarians is dreaded in the current meta.

Elite Barbarians + Hog Rider Deck

A player shows how he was able to easily demolished his opponents by instantly destroying the King's Tower at the start of the game. Yes, he was able to destroy the King's Tower without even destroying ether one of the Arena Towers! Here's the video that showcased the unstoppable strength of the Elite Barbarians.

As you can see in the video, the player named derp is running Barbarian Rider deck which makes full use of the units' high movement speed to reach to the opponent's tower before the enemy can even build a huge death push. He was facing against the highly popular Lava Hound deck which, as you can see, is severely countered by the Elite Barbarians due to the nature of the deck revolving the card.

How is it Possible?

The damage of Elite Barbarians + the Hog Rider can easily demolish your enemy's towers with ease. What's even deadlier is that if you try to include the Rage spell, which was recently buffed on the latest patch, the three units can destroy a tower in a matter of seconds. In this video, it took the units roughly 5 seconds before the King's Tower was successfully down which is quite insane considering that the game has barely even started.

Of course, this is only possible due to the fact that Elite Barbarian decks easily counters Lava Hounds which is why, if you want to dominate in the top tier arenas, you should start by utilizing the Elite Barbarians as they are definitely one of the strongest cards in the meta. They are also great at countering Miner control and even Siege decks if supported with the right cards.

Here's a great deck showcased by Chief Pat that focuses on the core strength of the recently buffed Elite Barbarians. Be sure to check back for more Clash Royale strategy guides!

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