Heart Attack Prevention: Refocusing Of Smooth Muscles To Lessen The Risk.

By Allan Alforte , Dec 27, 2016 03:29 AM EST

Thousands of deaths caused by heart attack and stroke occur every day around the world. Most of these heart attacks occur when blood vessels become blocked preventing blood flow which delivers oxygen and other nutrients to various parts of the body. Heart attack prevention is now being studied with a new kind of drug.

In individuals with predisposing risks factors such as metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity also lifestyle risks factors such as smoking, smooth muscle cells tend to aggregate in arteries causing the blockage.

Recent studies have discovered a new protein-inhibitor drug that prevents blockage even before it occurs. This new discovery may change the treatment protocols healthcare providers use in the management of this particular disease process.

Dr. William Fay, a senior author of the study, describes arteries as living hoses. In order to regulate blood flow, these blood vessels narrow and enlarge. He further explains that blood is pumped throughout the body and to the major organs like the brain and the heart with the help of smooth muscle cells in the vessels when they constrict and relax as reported by LabRoots' article.

In the presence of chronic inflammation such as seen with patients who have diabetes, high blood cholesterol and those who smoke cigarettes, the smooth muscle cells tend to aggregate thus causing blockage of the arteries. A new drug for heart attack prevention has been discovered.

The recent study focused on a naturally occurring protein found in the blood vessels. This protein also known as plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1) is known to be responsible for controlling migration of smooth muscle cells to the arteries.

The focus of the study was on a drug that is still in the experimental stage called tiplaxtinin or PAI-039. According to Dr. Fay, administration of tiplaxtinin resulted in 50% reduction of blockage when administered on mice as reported in Science Daily.

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