EyeQue Launches Personal Vision Tracker App for Eye Test

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is a perfect and convenient way to check one's vision and keep track of it over time. The EyeQue has developed a small optical device and a personal vision tester application. The mini-scope is a perfect optical device. It is a smartly designed device with highly engineered apparatus, rounded tube and sophisticatedly manufactured lenses for accurate eye measurement.

Why Is It Necessary

One could use this device for In-home refraction measurements to order corrective glasses similar to the measurements gathered at doctor's clinic. This device is convenient, mobile and can be easily carried anywhere for the vision test on the go. The cost of the device has been kept economical initially and one could have a vision test just for less than watching a movie.

Moreover, all the vision records are stored securely in the cloud and accessible from EyeQue dashboard. Anyone can view them anytime from any device and can also compare their vision history. The reports can be easily generated and shared to an eye consultant.

Awards and Recognitions

The annual CES Innovation Awards awarded the device the best product design and engineering in consumer technology products. CES is the biggest international consumer electronics show in the world Consumer Technology Association.

How To Use It

One should attach the mini scope to the Smartphone and then hold the Smartphone and the EyeQue device up to the face. The person holding the EyeQue device should relax their eyes and then launch My EyeQue app. After looking into the mini scope, they should take the vision test which is a simple test requiring them to align two different colored lines. They must tap the button on screen to overlap the lines. The test can be completed using the touch screen controls. They can buy this device directly from online EyeQue shop or from Kickstarter at a promotional price of $18 before Jan. 5 and get the delivery by 2017.

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