iPhone iOS Guides: Best Apps To Consider On Installous Before Cydia

Jailbreak issues had been surfacing the online news from quite some time. With the jailbreak being compatible with iOS 9, people would want to get control over their paid apps by using Cydia or Installous. However, Cydia seems to be crashing these past few days. With this, here are some of the alternative Installous apps that users could actually choose from.

Alternative Installous Apps To Use After Cydia's Crashing Issues

According to NeuroGadget, AppCake should be the application on top of our list. During 2008, the app has been made free for everyone. It has tons of free apps on it on which users could actually choose from. Plus, Apple users could download Android apps using their iOS devices.

Also, Kuaiyong is a must-have, as stated by news publication. This is developed by hackers and could actually be turned down immediately. Kuaiyong, when converted in English, means 'Use It Quickly'. The app would allow iPhone users to download paid and free applications by using their Apple ID. Yes, download without ceasing and hesitations.

Besides Kuaiyong and AppCake, some are also recommending vShare, an app that has been used by millions of iPhone users from all over the world. Simple yet useful, this is how sources tagged the said app. With this app, users could download .ipa files even if their devices are not jailbroken yet. However, there are issues about Vshare roving on the Internet that you should consider as well.

Moreover, Zeusmos is also topping the list, as it was described the most professional alternative in Installous. Basic as it may seem, but this app could enhance your device's hardware as it provides tons of tweaks from where users could actually choose from.

Lastly is the iFunBox, an application that would let you connect your iPhone to either Windows or Mac. This could immediately transfer files straight to your personal computer without using iCloud or iTunes.

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