After NES Classic Edition's Success, Nintendo Planning On A Mini SNES?

The Super NES is likely getting a 1-Up from Nintendo.

The NES Classic Edition can be considered a huge success thanks to the high demand for the nostalgic gaming console. Despite Nintendo's struggles with keeping up with the demand, it seems like it is already planning a super kind of follow up to the mini NES.

A tweet by @trademark_bot which, if translated from Japanese, says Nintendo has filed a trademark for a Super Famicom controller image. This is either because Nintendo just wants to hold the rights over the controller design a bit longer or the company is planning to use the design on a new console.

It is unlikely that Nintendo will be using on old design for an entirely new device, however. This may mean Nintendo will go the way of the mini NES and produce miniature versions of either the Super NES or the Super Famicom console.

Whatever negativity the mini NES garnered, it more than made up for them with the promise of letting users play the 8-bit video games from their childhood. It also allows the younger generation a feel of how it was like before 2D, 3D, CGI and Virtual Reality came to be.

Nintendo successfully took advantage of every adult's wish to become young again with nary a worry in life. And it is now poised to continue that promise with a possible plan to bring another classic console back to life.

It remains to be seen how the potential mini SNES would be like. But if Nintendo listens to its fans, it will consider addressing some mini NES issues such limited games and short controller cables. Of course, now that the Japanese gaming legend knows people are willing to go on a treasure hunt to find a classic console, it would be wise for Nintendo to produce enough supplies of the mini SNES. This will keep everyone happy while Nintendo will avoid wasting potential earnings.

PC Mag believes a SNES Classic will not be due until after 2017. Nintendo will have its full attention on the Switch. It will also likely take advantage of the mini NES' hype and focus on producing more units.

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