Why Microsoft 'Surface Pro 5' Is The Gadget Of The Future? Might Feature USB Type-C And Snapdragon Processor

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is coming, but with regards to its official release date, some legit sources are claiming that Microsoft will announce the device even before the Surface Phone is going to be announced, which is likely during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, in which Microsoft's participation has also been confirmed.

When it comes to the Surface Pro 5 release, things are a bit unclear, but the device is not expected until spring of 2017.

Microsoft is taking it slowly but surely

Will we ever see the Surface Pro 5 next year? As of now, Microsoft's goal, as stated by them, is not to come up with something out of the ordinary just to make them sit atop their fierce competition, but to slowly enhance and improve their device in order to make it more in demand as per every release.

No exact release date for the Pro 5 just yet

Microsoft is already set to launch its major Windows 10 Creators Update in spring 2017, which might also be an indication that the Surface Pro 5's debut will also be around that time, or shortly after that.

Specs and features

There are huge possibilities that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will come packed with an amazingly powerful Snapdragon chipset instead of the usual Intel processor. The Surface Pro 5 is also expected to be priced at $899, depending on the special configurations.

The USB 3.0 ports are also rumored to be replaced with USB Type-C ports, but we will have to wait further to find out and clarify if all these rumors that are floating around Microsoft's upcoming latest Surface lineup are going to be true.

An improved battery and LTE connectivity are also rumored to be included on the product. With all things said, the future is looking bright for Microsoft and its upcoming Surface Pro 5.

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