Breast Cancer Cure: Two Surprising Natural Ways To Stop Breast Cancer

A group of German researchers found out from their study that eating chili peppers or being exposed to a fresh scent of sea breeze can basically suppress the growth of more breast cancer cells.

The study on the compound capsaicin found in chili peppers reportedly can relatively hinder the growth of tumor which is a symptom of an aggressive form of breast cancer as revealed by DovePress.

As per report, the chemical helional which is used to add fragrances on soaps and air fresheners based on the sea air can function similarly as the capsaicin. As stated by the research, these compounds were found to slow down the reproduction of breast cancer cells as capsaicin and helional were tested to act on a receptor in tumor cells.

Following the observation, the supposed treatment delivered a positive result where the tumor cells were found dying in larger numbers, noted the Medical Express.

From the study, experts claim that the cells left behind from the treatment might no longer move as fast as their initial condition which means that the cancer stage may either go down or become stagnant.

This, according to the researchers, will also prevent the cells from forming metastases or the secondary cancerous growths that offshoot from the initial tumor site.

However, the exact effect of capsaicin and helional on breast cancer cells are not yet fully understood. Current studies claim that they can indeed contribute to the death of most of the cancer cells. This breast cancer cure is also said to work on the most aggressive breast cancer type.

This treatment has no strong evidence of potency yet and eating more chili peppers or staying near the beach will prevent a person from acquiring breast cancer. A hundred percent effectivity among different types of cancer cells has also not yet been determined and researchers are still to conduct further studies on this innovative breast cancer cure to come up with a concrete conclusion.

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