GTA 5 Online Patch 1.37's Glitches Have Their Advantages

GTA 5 Online's latest patch brought glitches to the game. But they were not all bad since players are enjoying on what the bugs let them do like doubling their money and duplicating vehicles in the game. There are some ways how to maximize the patch's problems.

Patch 1.37's Positive Effects On GTA 5 Online 

Players are ecstatic when the patch on GTA 5 Online has bugs that resulted to good things for them. According to Mic, players need to build their own garage in CEO building before they can successfully duplicate their cars.

Next thing they must remember is that the players need to upgrade their cars in a custom shop on GTA 5 Online. After duplicating the most expensive cars in their garage, the players can finally sell their vehicles. But the players need to know that they need perfect timing in order to get the cars inside and outside their garage.

The players need their allies before they can bring in the cars on their garage on GTA 5 Online. Their friends will also be their aid in order to sell their cars and to get unlimited money in the game. The Import/Export was supposed to be flawless but Rockstar Games may may have forgotten to double check the latest patch.

The Original Effects Of Patch 1.37 On GTA 5 Online

As per GTA Forums, patch 1.37 on GTA 5 Online was supposed to let the players be a successful criminal without getting caught. It wil require them to use the Import/Export to get their own vehicles and get more money without cheating.

But Rockstar Games did not figure out that the players will figure out how to get richer with using the easier way. The developer thought that the players of GTA 5 Online will unlock every special missions only but the players are smarter.

GTA 5 Online's Import/Export has given the players the chance to earn more money and to become successful criminals in the game. The patch may contain flaws but these issues have given the players reasons to play the game.

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