‘Clash Of Clans’ Guide: Players Don’t Need To Train These Troops Unless Necessary

Players need a Clash of Clans guide about training the troops of the video game. Most players of this game are confused as to what troops they will train so they can launch a successful attack. Choosing the types of troops to use is very important for an attack. This guide will help players to avoid wasting time for troops that are not actually useful in winning a game.

Don't Waste Time In Training Wall Breakers

This Clash of Clans guide recommends for players not to train Wall Breakers. This group cannot do much damage to the enemy. And if the strong defenses on higher levels of the game are considered, Wall Breakers will not be of much help to the players. So, players would be better off leaving them alone.

Don't Train Dragons Either Because Things Have Changed

Another recommendation for Clash of Clans players is not to concentrate on a dragon attack. The current environment of the game has more defenses that have been upgraded. That means a dragon attack will not be of much use. Players need to think of a combo attack that would be more effective.

Training Goblins Is Also Unnecessary If Not Called For

This Clash of Clans guide also does not recommend the training of Goblins, unless it is really necessary. The reason is that these creatures are generally weak so they can only attack the supplies of the enemy. Since they will be facing heavy defenses, they will not be of much use to the players.

This Clash Of Clans Guide Says Minions Are Not Effective In Battle

Minions can be effective if they are together with other with high-level troops. They could be combined with Lava Hounds, some flying troops, Dragons or Balloons. But this would be a very expensive proposition. So, this Clash of Clans guide recommends the exclusion of minions in training camp.

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