Samsung Might Include An 'S Pen' For The Galaxy S8

Great news for Samsung Galaxy smartphone fans! The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 has a new leak and it is going to make the said smartphone more and more desirable than ever.

What's New With The Samsung Galaxy S8?

According to the source, what was something relatively exclusive for the Samsung Galaxy Note line and some of the Samsung tablets will be also be featured on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The 2017 Samsung smartphone is said to have the S Pen as an accessory. There are even reports citing that one of the alleged prototypes of the Galaxy S8 had a silo for the S Pen which is similar to the Galaxy Note 5.

However, despite this wonderful news for the fans of the Samsung smartphones, it is also reported that Samsung is having second thoughts about including this on the Samsung Galaxy S8. As to why, it is believed that Samsung will also be releasing a Galaxy S8 Plus that features a 6-inch display panel which in terms of Samsung's smartphone models is a Galaxy Note. As of now, there are no reports indicating if the Korean tech company has totally dismissed the possibility and who in the group is totally against it. Rest assured, there is still a 50-50 chance that fans can hope for Samsung to include the S Pen as an accessory on the upcoming Galaxy S8.

Other New Feature Of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Among other latest rumors regarding the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that has been buzzing on the web is that it will have not only one AI voice assistant, but two. These AI voice assistants are said to be based on Viv Labs' platform - the same group responsible for creating Apple's Siri. Regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8's AI voice assistants, it is rumored to be a male's voice which is named as Bixby, and a female's voice named Kestra.

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