Minecraft 1.7.10: Complete Guide To Call To Battle Mod

Minecraft 1.7.10 reportedly received the new Call To Battle mod for a full blown war experience in the world of Minecraft. Moreover, Minecraft 1.7.10 reportedly comes with bug fixes. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the Call To Battle mod is also the biggest update for the Minecraft game.

Call To Battle Is Most Immersive Mod

The Minecraft mod has been noted as one of the most historically accurate and realistic mod. It should be noted that the new mod is reportedly based heavily on World War II with wars such as US vs. Germany as well as lesser known battles like Italy vs. China. Moreover, the mod reportedly features new weapons and various special features.

Note that the Minecraft Call to Battle mod may also be used with Dynamic Lights. Moreover, the Call To Battle mod includes Mud On Weapons for Certain actions as well as Blood on Weapons. In addition, a Call to Battle options menu has been added as well as a revamped bayonet melee.

Furthermore, Minecraft bugs such as the strange MG rotation has reportedly been fixed. Additionally, MG Bouncing Player up when mounting has also been fixed. Note that the Call to Battle mod installation is the Minecraft Forge. The .jar file may be downloaded into the mods directory.

Minecraft Xbox One And PS4 update at par with PC Version

In other news, Mojang reportedly rolled out the Xbox One and PS4 update as the biggest Minecraft update for console players. The Minecraft 1.10 update reportedly packs additional content aside from the game changing features. Moreover, it has been noted that Mojang may have been receptive to requests from the console players.

Minecraft players on PC and MAC have already reportedly received a constant stream of updates leaving the console players to feel left behind. Moreover, new ambient sounds were reportedly added to Minecraft via the 1.10 update. New falling dust particles and a new tag limit for the looting_enchant has also been revealed on the patch notes. Watch the Top 10 Minecraft mods here:

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