Weight Loss Pills: Melissa McCarthy Proves Potency Of Weight Loss Pills

The 75 pound drop on Melissa McCarthy's figure is reportedly becasue of weight loss pills which she is taking in for maintenance according to reports. The "Ghostbusters" actress has surprised everyone earlier this year when she flaunted her fitter body in front of Hollywood enthusiasts.

The comedienne has trimmed off an astonishing amount of fat and weight, and she achieved her slimmer body in just a few months after years of trying different slimming programs according to recent reports. Her sudden weight loss has aroused curiosity among her fans as she initially pointed out to serious dieting and change of lifestyle and habits as the reasons for her better figure.

While she indeed cut off her midnight snacks and skipped the nightly happy hours, the actress has reportedly found a formula that works for her and according to reports she is continually taking it to maintain her healthier body. According to Counsel & Heal, the actress has been taking in a brand of natural weight loss pills -- which she consumes twice a day -- that helped her achieve her new body.

Following this confession, some observers are speculating that McCarthy might have taken in the much talked about Garcinia Cambogia pill. The said type of weight loss pill has become popular in the past two years as it promotes natural ingredients from India, contrary to the traditional diet pills that are mostly chemical-based.

Several reports of death have been linked to chemical-based diet pills, reason for people to question the safety and the potency of such supplements. Previous studies have found out that the classic weight loss pills has dangerous components which destroys some organs, sometimes leading to cancer and death. While several pills have then been banned, the rise of the natural formula of the latest weight loss pills have given new hope to plus size people who dream of becoming fitter.

Anti-obesity pills have also been formulated and in some countries are classified as over-the-counter drugs. As reported by The Express, a lot of pills are being formulated these days claiming to have natural ingredients. While there are indeed drugs rooting from fruit extracts or components, experts say that there are still some harmful side effects and potency is still questionable. Persons who have tried these different pills though claim differently and testify for the potency of the brand they use.

While reports are not revealing McCarthy's brand, women are now becoming inspired to change their habits and try out the actress's secret formula. As the comedienne served as a solid proof of the potency of these days' natural weight loss pills, more people are searching for the right formula that will also work for them.

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