Google Pixel Phones Copied Almost Every Detail Of Apple´s iPhones

Although the Google Pixel Phones has become some of the most incredible mobile devices of 2016, the battery issues that have appeared in the last weeks only revealed something that many people were saying about these smartphones: the suspicious similarities between these devices and Apple´s iPhones. However, the most delicate detail is that these accusations about cloning some of its specs were almost completely limited to the design since these new problems show that the Google Pixel phones copied many other parts.

The Search Giant Hasn't Offered Any Solutions To The Google Pixel Phones´ Issue

According to BGR, these mobile devices are practically a carbon copy of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7, to the point in which the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL committed the huge mistake of also cloning everything related to the battery, since many customers have recently complained that mobile devices are powering down when the remaining charge reach the 30 percent of the battery.

The big problem about this issue is that when Apple has already offered a remedy to its batteries' problem, Google hasn't said anything yet, leaving its customers with this delicate situation without knowing what to do. Naturally, this represents a huge controversy that might end up damaging the company´s image, given the fact that Google Pixel phones were considered as some of the most incredible flagships this year.

There´s A Silver Lining In This Situation

As reported by Forbes, the reports regarding the Google Pixel phones´ battery issues came through Google´s own forums and specially Redditt, in which many users complained about what was happening with their handsets. Apparently, a Google spokesperson explained that the company was already investigating the complaints, and will be analyzing the problem in order to give a solution as soon as possible.

Although copying Apple´s iPhones is not precisely something worth of being proud, the silver lining about this delicate situation is that Google has the opportunity of showing a better response than Apple, given the fact that the Cupertino company´s solution was so inefficient that many customers have complained about it.

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