Apple Seeks To Make iPhones In India; Wants To Change Indian Design Rules

Tech giant Apple is noteworthy for valuing its appearance, prioritizing ultra clean minimalism. It seems Apple will fight to keep it that way.

Apple has been wrestling its way into manufacturing iPhones in India, however, the tech company is seeking exemption from a certain India's product law. The packaging standards in India typically require products to have information including like name, import address, packaging date, and maximum retail sales price (MRP) in English or Hindi printed on the item. Apple says that this will get in the way with the company products' minimalist aesthetics, according to a report by the Economic Times.

India is now the world's second largest smartphone market, with a subscriber count that is expected to climb up to a billion, a scale up from the 616 million unique users in 2016. Even Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo, will be setting up an industrial park with a manufacturing unit in India. US-based Apple will definitely be there to provide its own gadgets as well.

A formal request to be exempted from that rule has been submitted by Apple to the Department of Revenue and Department of Electronics and Information Technology in India. The company would like provide a list of all the necessary product details in the software instead. Apple has also requested tax incentives.

Officials from India's commerce and finance department will soon hold a meeting early next month to deliberate on the gadget manufacturer's requests. However, according to government sources from the Hindustan Times, Apple should not be seeking additional incentives while it puts up the manufacturing unit in India. Previously, India's government has already rejected a few proposals from the company.

"Several companies in India are manufacturing mobile phones in India," a source said. "Nobody is asking for additional incentives. Currently, the government provides sufficient support to boost electronic manufacturing."

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