Why Final Fantasy VI Is Still The Best Of Franchise?

Final Fantasy was first released in 1987 and still rolled on to this day. In fact, the game is expected to thrive well into the years, the latest being Final Fantasy XV. In the meantime, the Final Fantasy creator has reportedly teased the new game which is expected to outperform the best game of the franchise, Final Fantasy VI.

How Final Fantasy I Beat Final Fantasy X And Final Fantasy XIII

First off, the Final Fantasy sequel was noted by experts as a bold experiment gone wrong. In contrast, the original Final Fantasy release in the 80s was filled with a new world and fantasy monsters as well as a soundtrack that keeps getting revisited to this date. Several other late releases such as Final Fantasy VIII, X and XIII may not have done as well especially since the titles followed great developments in the game.

Apparently, gaming experts have noted the Final Fantasy VIII game as a black sheep in the series. Apparently, the game evolved into a tale of conflict and rivalry that fell apart with an underwhelming villain and a failed assassination plot on Sorceress Edea. The top three chosen games were Final Fantasy IX, XII and VI. The latter was chosen as the favorite in the series with its massive roster of characters and most memorable heroes and the best villains including Kefka.

Final Fantasy Creator Teases New Game In 2017

In other news, the Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi reportedly revealed new information about the new RPG in the upcoming year. Sakaguchi reportedly revealed that Mistwalker would go into partnership with the developer of Bravely Default--Silicon Studio. Previously, the Mistwalker studio also produced two of the Xbox 360's most popular JRPGs, the Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

The Final Fantasy game in 2017 is expected to be a scaled-back console version of the Terra Battle. It should be noted that the Terra Battle was reportedly successful on mobile platforms. It is yet to be revealed whether the Final Fantasy project would launch for consoles or mobile devices. Watch IGN explain why Final Fantasy VI is the best Final Fantasy game:


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