MagNeo Is The Best Replacement For MacBook Pro's MagSafe Adapter

MagNeo is a kickstarter project that is completely a next-level of MagSafe connector for MacBook Pro. MagNeo is the best replacement for the old school MagSafe adapter. It is the most compatible and usable USB-C magnetic connector. It is the first and also the only magnetic connector that does not only does the task of powering but also provides fast transfer of data and videos.

The MagNeo Specifications

It is believed that MagNeo connector can transfer up to 5K video and Thunderbolt 3 speed data. It has been rated to provide up to 100W charging capacity, which is far better than MagSafe adapters. The biggest competition for MagNeo would be the previously launched Griffin BreakSafe, which provides a connector for all types of USB type-C smart phones and tables.

Kickstarter Goal

The MagNeo project has set up a goal to reach about $35,000 till mid January 2017 after which they might start their production and start shipping their pre-ordered MagNeo connectors in the mid of February. It has also announced that all the MagNeo connectors would be shipped free of cost to all the users in the U.S. but has not confirmed about any other regions around the world. Also, all those who have wish to get access to the MagNeo connector can get it for as low as $19.

MagNeo Offers Universal Usage

The connector perfectly fits into the USB Type-C port, with the laptop's closest section attached to the detachable section via a 20-in connector, which has USB Type-C input. Both the sections are reversible which adds another amazing feature to it. The MagNeo connector is made-up of aluminum and has gold plated pogo pins that are made to last for about one mllion cycles. This connector will also be working with all types USB Type-C port that includes Google Pixels and other tablets as well which will make it universally the best among all.

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