Destiny 2 News, Release Date: What We Know So Far

Destiny 2 is a go. Bungie and Activision have officially announced that Destiny's sequel will be arriving. The players are still waiting for the details and gameplay of the sequel. But there are rumors and facts that might answer their queries.

Is Destiny 2 Really Coming Next Year?

According to Den of Geek, Destiny 2 is arriving next year. However, Bungie did not yet announce the specific release date of the game. For now, Destiny fans can check out the recently released pictures of what players can see in the upcoming game.

Bungie has already confirmed that Destiny: Rise of Iron will be the final installment of Destiny. The developer is not yet sure if they will put some original details from the prequel. The only thing the players need to do is to wait for further announcements on what they can expect in the future game.

Destiny 2 might be available on PC. Before, Destiny is available on PS4 and Xbox One. However, Bungie is not yet addressing if the rumors are true. A lot of PC gamers are hoping that they can really play the game with their platforms.

How Will Bungie Change Destiny 2?

Bungie is planning to rewrite the whole storyline and gameplay of Destiny 2. The developer even posted new job offers just to recreate the upcoming game. The developer wants to focus on smaller-story concepts for the sequel.

As per Express, Bungie just said that they need a new Head Narrative Director for Destiny 2 and also for the future plans of the company for the entire year. Players have formulated their theories about the developer's plans because they have been waiting for the sequel to come.

Destiny 2 is still under development. Players need to be more patient because Bungie is determined to bring to the fans the game with the best gameplay. Hopefully, the developer will announce any game details and the official release date of the game.

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