Roman Catholic Diocese of Fargo Sues Obama Over Forced Abortion, Transgender Surgeries

To stop the government from implementing radical new health laws, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fargo Files a lawsuit yesterday against federal laws that seek to promote anti discrimination on transgender groups and pregnant women seeking abortion.

As part of the new health law to improve public health such as the indoor smoking ban reported earlier, the Obama administration also seeks to redefine the term "sex". This effort on redefinition comprises giving health care services to transgenders that can improve their quality of life through gender reassignment surgeries.

Among the newly mandated transgender surgeries are penectomy (removal of the penis), metoidioplasty (creation of a penis using the clitoris), vaginectomy (removal of the vagina), and vulvectomy (removal of the vulva).

Additionally, according to the Twin Cities, treatment of pregnant women who seek abortion is also modified. They can now undergo abortion even in a Catholic-operated health agencies. Overall, the Obama government health care, also know as Obamacare, seeks to include Catholic medical hospitals that receive federal funding to implement the new health laws.

This results in negative reactions from Roman Catholic diocese, organizations and personalities, condemning the plan as a forceful violation of faith and religion. The new health laws require surgeons and health workers of Catholic faith to go against their religious beliefs and carry out transgender surgeries or abortions, Life News says.

The problem is clear as conflict arises between following the law or upholding one's faith. The Roman Catholic sector attempts to solve the dilemma by filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration.

The plaintiff accuses the government of violations of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, the First Amendment and other federal laws. They filed the lawsuit in the district of Dakota.

So far, several states and Catholic organizations joined in suing the federal government for its laws, asserting that the laws undermine their religious rights.

Although the Roman Catholic Diocese strives to provide caring and holistic medical treatment to patients, one spokesperson for the diocese says, it is blatant hypocrisy to force surgeons to go against their beliefs.

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