Pokemon GO Will Have To Improve These 5 Things To Survive 2017

Pokemon GO Will Have To Improve These 5 Things To Survive 2017
There are certain things that must be improved in Pokemon GO, if it hopes to survive the very competitive mobile gaming arena in 2017. Photo : Cotton361/YouTube

Although hundreds of people around the world play Pokemon GO and seem to be enjoying it, it doesn't mean that the game doesn't need any more improvement. Playing the game for quite some time, a player will notice some quirks here and there about the game that needs some corrections. Improvements must be done if it hopes to survive the very competitive world of mobile gaming in 2017,

Niantic Must Improve Its Communications With Fans

Fans who were plagued by bugs and crashes were frustrated with the way their problems were handled by Niantic. Improving their communication systems with the players of Pokemon GO is very essential to its success in 2017. They should admit that there are problems with the game and assure the fans that they are busy fixing them.

Make It Easy To Catch Common Pokemon

It's quite frustrating to encounter a very common Pokemon and waste a number of pokeballs or even great balls to capture it. Niantic should make it easier for fans to capture this type of Pokemon. It is already difficult to level up when a player reaches the 20s. But instead, low-CP Pokemon are still quite difficult to catch.  This system should improve or it will prevent the fans from enjoying Pokemon GO.

Fix The Style Of Gym Battles

The Gym Battles in Pokemon GO lacks finesse and style. Niantic needs to make some improvements that will prevent players from getting bored. The game developer should create methods of attack to have a real impact to the opponent. As it is now, training Pokemon to defend the gym is not worth it since a Dragonite with more than 3,000 CP can kick its ass easily.

More Pokemon Should Be Available

Right now, only a few new Pokemon can be caught in the wild.  No new monsters have been added other than a few Gen 2 eggs as well as Ditto. Considering that more than 700 different creatures are available in Pokemon GO, Niantic should be generous in letting them out for the players' enjoyment.

Restore The Battery Saver Mode

Prior to the last update of Pokemon GO, if the mobile device is in Battery Saver Mode and the player turned it upside down, the screen will go dark. The video game will also crash intermittently. To resolve the issue, Niantic decided to remove this feature. Fans would like Niantic to bring back this Battery Saver mode but without its usual problems..

Trading With Friends Should Be Added In The Game

Trading with friends in Pokemon GO was not really popular initially. But the practice became popular as more people latched on to the game. Right now, interaction with friends is only possible in Gym Battles. It will help if the players feel that they are interacting with their friends and other people rather than just playing around and throwing balls at imaginary creatures.

These are just some of the improvements that can make Pokemon GO more popular in the gaming community. Certainly, there are other elements of the game that needs enhancements. But if these things are given their required attention, Niantic will show that it is really after the interest of its avid fans.

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