What Are The Players Wishing To See In Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite?

Players are waiting for the final roster in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. They have been formulating theories on who will be added in Capcom's upcoming game. Also, the players are curious on how the versus mode of the game will work.

The first thing that players wish to see in MvC: Infinite is Thanos. All the Marvel fans know who this powerful villain is. Since he is a dangerous opponent, players are expecting that the galactic enemy will make his comeback on the versus mode of the game.

Although Thanos is not the most famous villain in MvC: Infinite, he will give the players a hard time, according to PVP Live. The players are very positive that one of the greatest MCU villains will show up in the future installment by Capcom.

Players want to see a Juri and Carnage team-up in MvC: Infinite. A lot of players are wishing to see more Street Fighter characters in the game. They have noticed that the game has more popular characters from Marvel.

The players want to use Ant-Man and The Wasp who are from Marvel Cinematic Universe, too. The characters have been popularized when the movie "Ant Man" has been released last year. The players have been intrigued on what will happen if they can use the two characters.

The last Marvel character that players want to see in MvC: Infinite is Scarlet Witch. The players like weird characters to be added in the game because they think that the unique characters will provide more thrill and more fun.

The problem with MvC installments is that they have removed a lot of characters that are either overrated or weird in Capcom's opinion. Little did they know that the players want to use these kinds of characters in battling 2v2 or 3v3.

The players are also asking how will 2v2 and 3v3 mode will operate in MvC: Infinite. Capcom and Marvel want the players to control two players into one. With this game plan, the players can play using freestyle in attacking their opponents.

Hopefully, MvC: Infinite fans' wishes will be granted by Capcom. They have been waiting for the official announcement from the developer on who can they use once the game has been finally released. The fans are still excited about the game. 

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