Honda Recalls More Than 600 Thousand Minivans In The United States

Honda Motors Co. announced on Thursday that they would recall around 634 thousand units of their Honda Odyssey minivan. The well-known Japanese automaker made the announcement after they identified a problem with the second row seats through warranty claims. The company announced that the second row seats lever, which is used to move the seats to gain access to the third row, has a possibility to move unexpectedly that could lead to its occupants being injured.

Not All Odyssey's Are Affected

Honda Odyssey models that would be affected in the recall are those that were made from August 1, 2010 until October 1, 2015, or 2011 to 2016 year models. No known injury has been reported yet from the defective second row seat lever. Honda will give more announcements regarding the recall next month and advised dealerships to have the seat levers repaired at no cost. The announcement was posted on the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Honda Recall History

Honda Motors had few recalls compared to other automotive manufacturers and has always been quick in making safety decisions. Early this year, a fleet of Honda Accords was recalled due to faulty airbags. The recall was not Honda's fault, but the issue originated from the airbag manufacturer, Takata. Another ercall issued by Honda for 2016 involved Honda Civic sedans that were manufactured from September 22, 2015 until February 3, 2016. The recall came after finding out that the pistons might not have a wrist pin circlip installed, which could lead to engine damage and increased danger of fire or a crash.

In addition, Honda has also recalled 22 thousand motorcycle units on January. The problem was just caused by the engine vibration that might cause a wire to rub against the wire harness. The problem could cause a loss of signal to the angle sensor, or make the engine stall. No injuries or fatalities have been reported for this incident as well.

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