Is NASA Hiding Alien Information? UFO Hunters Claim To Have Seen Hairy Spider Monkey And Slimy Slug On Mars

A lot of speculations revolving around the red planet holding an alien life has already circulated. Having said that, a lot of conspiracy theorists have also taken the initiative to find life on Mars by analyzing every picture that is sent back to Earth from the said planet. In line with it, a Martian researcher have recently revealed that he might have allegedly found a trove of evidence captured by the Curiosity Rover which can prove that there is indeed signs of life forms on Mars. Can this prove that aliens are in fact real all along?

Hairy Spider Monkey And Slimy Slug On Mars? How True Is It?

According to reports revealed by The TeCake, renowned UFO hunter and editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C. Waring claims to have discovered a four-legged bizarre creature on Mars which appears like a hairy spider monkey. The species is allegedly standing with support of its longer upper arms and shorter lower legs. It was when the UFO hunter has then zoomed in the image and threw some light upon to find two distinct eyes in the image. Waring says that the creature is watching the Mars rover while NASA's curiosity spacecraft was busy in clicking images. It was found that since its first landing on the planet in 2012, curiosity has been feeding alien hunters images.

Furthermore, as per Daily Mail, apart from this alleged alien discovery, Waring has also reportedly spotted a slug-like animal crawling out from underneath the rocks and a snail taking a stroll through the dusty planet. The speculation has then earned a lot of comments from various people, however, Waring claimed that NASA is indeed hiding life on Mars from the public.

Ultimately, Waring was quoted to have said that the reason behind why the government conceals these type of information can be found somewhere along the line, Americans got lost and began depending on the government for all their important information, but some information is apparently a threat to national security, such as UFO technology and alien intelligence. On the other hand, NASA has already explained that this occurrence is just a Pareidolia, a known psychological phenomenon that involves a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.


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