The Most Outstanding Tricks You Can Do With Apple Airpods

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In-depth unboxing, setup, and review of the wireless bluetooth Apple AirPods.
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In every innovative change that the Cupertino giant made last year, one of the most incredible was the Apple Airpods, given the fact that it set a turning point in headphones´ history, to the point in which the most important smartphone brands will have to use this feature in order to survive in the competition.

 Far from being similar to the previous model, this product is so amazing that it allows you do some amazing things that seem unthinkable some years ago. If you want to know more, here some outstanding tricks you can do with the Apple Airpods

You Can Connect The Apple´s Airpods With Any Other Apple Device

If there´s a single thing that everybody wants with almost every single device or gadget that the Cupertino company releases, is the possibility of using with any other product of the same brand, not only because of the fact that Apple´s products are outstanding but also because it enhances users' experience.

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the options that Apple Airpods offers, which turn this device into one of the most incredible improvements that the Cupertino company has done to any of its products. These headphones can easily be used with any Apple gadget that is linked on the same Cloud, or anything that works with Apple´s W1.This means that Airpods can be used with almost every single Android device, the iMac, or even the Apple TV. In order to do this, you just have to use the small button that is semi-hidden at the back of the charging case.

You Can Check Your Airpods´ Battery Status On The iPhone

Although there are many customers that aren't used to this device and argue that the fact that this can run out of battery is something quite annoying, this product has managed to run so well that many already considered it as a huge success of the Cupertino company. And fortunately, there haven't been any battery issues yet, as it happened with some iPhones and with the MacBook Pro.

In order to enhance the experience with this device and avoid that having a battery would become a major problem, Apple has managed to offer different kinds of cool alternatives to check the battery status of the Airpods and the charging case. One of these is by open the charging case next to the iPhone you have, which should prompt the mobile device to show a popup with the battery status.The other great option is by adding the battery widget to the Notification Center´s Today Panel, but make sure that the widget will only run if you are actively using the Apples Airpods.

You Can Give Siri A Little Break With the Apple Airpods

When the Cupertino company announced the intelligent personal assistant Siri, there were few analysts that thought that this had considerable chances of not meeting expectations. However, just as many other innovations from Apple, Siri became something so outstanding that we remind as the cavemen period the time in which it didn't exist on Apple´s products.

Naturally, this has become the best feature for devices as Apple TV or the iPhone, to the point in which these products excels its quality with this intelligent personal assistant. However, if you are one of those customers that like to do things by yourself, the Apple Airpods offer this opportunity.

While viewing its setting, you just have to change the famous double-tap functionality to play and pause the music. Once again, it´s way better using Siri with everything you´re doing with Apple products, but considering that sometimes is nice to give it a break, and the fact that many prefer the old-fashion way, this is something great that the Apple Airpods offers.

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