'Prey' PC Version Release Will Not Face Issues, Says Arkane Studios

Dishonored 2 fans were disappointed when they encountered problems when playing on PC. But Arkane Studios are promising that the players will not experience any glitches on Prey's PC version of the game. The players need to wait and see if what the developer said is true.

A lot of Prey fans are wishing that they will not have any problems when the game is finally launched on PC. Arkane Studios learned what they did wrong on Dishonored 2's PC version, so there might not be any problem this time. According to WCCFTech, the developer said that it used a different engine called CryEngine.

Creative Director Raphael Colantonio explained that Arkane Studios prepared Prey on PC to be flawless. With the help of CryEngine, the game will not be having the same configuration as Dishonored 2. The developer want the players not to suffer with any performance issues with the former game.

Arkane Studios said that the company will be focused on whatever issue the players may encounter on Prey. With what happened on Dishonored 2, the studio released an update to fix the issues of the game on PC to provide a smooth gameflow.

As per DSO Gaming, Arkane Studio made sure that Prey will be different from Dishonored 2. The studio admitted that the company was caught off guard when the latter was released. The company thought that the game will be perfect.

Prey on PC will be released this year. The players are hoping, too, that the game will be bug-free and has better PC performance than Dishonored 2. Arkane Studios believe that the latter would have been a great game if there are no issues present.

Prey fans should be positive because Arkane Studios promised that it will bring better performance and better gameplay than Dishonored 2. Hopefully, what the studio said will be true and the players will enjoy a better game than before.

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