Gilmore Girl Cast Teaches The Science Of Optimism

The revival of the new millennium TV series has created a craze among people and the possible full season comeback of the Gilmore Girls cast is now bringing a new level of optimism among its fans. Following this, girls from different generations are being taught with the science of positivity which is reportedly helping women avoid five major causes of death among the said gender.

A 2000's fan favorite TV series is bringing in more than just entertainment among people as it is helping its female followers to acquire the supposed power of optimism. As soon as Gilmore Girls announced its series revival, millions of fans from all over the world have grown more hopeful which science is looking at as a healthy exercise of optimism.

According to reports, the optimistic behavior of a person, most especially the women, is an effective and non-medicinal way of developing a healthy lifestyle among people that can help them prevent five death risks. Not only does it cause people to develop a better attitude to avoid depression and suicide attempts but also prevents illnesses brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle like infections and cancer.

In a previously concluded study, Eric Kim, the co-author and social behavioral sciences researcher at the Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said that optimism has an impact on the biological systems of people. Hence, the millions of people positively looking forward to the return of the Gilmore Girls cast are possibly healthier than others who are not optimistic.

As revealed by the Harvard T.H. Chan, the research report was published on Dec. 7, 2016 in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Researchers of the experiment involved 70,000 women who enrolled in the Nurses' Health Study which started in 1976. The women took a test in 2004, answering a questionnaire that is used to assess levels of optimism.

The researchers then looked into the deaths among the enrolled women from 2004 to 2012 and tried to find out the link between their levels of optimism and the causes of their deaths. According to Live Science, the researchers then found out that optimistic women have a death rate that is 30 percent lower than those who are not, basically saving women from the risks of dying from infection.

Other data revealed that death rate from stroke is 39 percent lesser with positive women, 38 percent lesser on heart disease and another 38 percent jotted down for respiratory diseases. A 16 percent reduction was also noted for cancer among women who are optimistic. As per report, optimism has also been seen effective in improving the immune system and respiratory functions of both men and women.

The study though is among the first studies on the link of optimism to health and more tests are yet to be done to prove its eligibility. Yet despite the lack of concrete evidences, people are still trying to be more optimistic and the Gilmore Girls cast is helping millions more of people across the globe to develop a positive attitude.

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