Overwatch News, Update: Blizzard To Bring More Features After Holiday Event

Overwatch's Christmas event will end soon but Blizzard said that there are new features to be added in the game because of the celebration of Diablo's anniversary. The players can enjoy the latter while playing the former.

More Features Coming To Overwatch

Even if the Christmas event on Overwatch is about to end, there are new bonuses that players can receive because of Diablo's anniversary. According to Daily Star, the game will have a new character based on the Lord of Terror. Also, the players of Overwatch can get in-game sprays from Diablo 3 classes. The players can also play an in-game event called The Darkening of Tristram. These will let the players relive the very first time they ever played Diablo.

The anniversary celebration of Diablo in Overwatch and other games have started on Dec. 31 and there is no definite date when the celebration will end. The players can still enjoy new and exciting features in the game thanks to Diablo. 

Overwatch Holiday Event Ending Soon

Meanwhile, Overwatch's Christmas event will last until Jan. 2 only. While the players are waiting for the end of the event but they can still get special loot bags. As per Express, the loot bags that are specially wrapped will bring up to 100 cosmetic items.

Included in the 100 items in the game are icons, skins and victory poses. Once the players have unlocked an item during Overwatch's holiday event, they can have the item forever. This means that the players can use the item before another event will be added. 

Hopefully, Overwatch fans will be able to enjoy Diablo's anniversary celebration in the game. Blizzard wants the players to experience what the latter has to offer. This is a good strategy by the developer because if the others enjoyed playing the latter, they might purchase the game, too.

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