The Most Outstanding Apps For Any Windows Phone User

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Having a Windows phone is one of the best things if you know which app to use with it, given the fact that these mobile devices excel its quality and functionality by large when having one of this goodies. If you don´t know which are the best you can download, here are some of the most outstanding to enhance your experience with a Windows phone.

Netflix: The Streaming Service Is Now Available For Windows Phones

Believe it or not, you can use this streaming service in your Windows phone, which gives you the opportunity of watching the most incredible movies and series when you want to. Naturally, there´s no need for explanations when I say this is one of the most incredible apps you can download to the mobile device since you no longer have to depend on your laptop or TV to watch Netflix.

The best thing about it is the fact that the download is free, so you can roll without problems and enjoy the most outstanding streaming service right now, and have a relaxing moment watching whatever you want with your Windows phone. Starting the year off quietly was never better than now.

The Usual Social Media Networks

There´s no sense in having a Window phone and not using the usual social media networks, so these are some of the most important apps you can download in the mobile device for free, allowing you to chat with your friends and shares photos and videos at the best possible.

Platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Vine, Line or even Viber can be downloaded for free in your Windows phone. One of the most interesting cases is Instagram, considering that this social network took quite long on being available for this mobile device, which was a delicate issue for the platform since this kind of phones are extremely popular right now.

If you want a bonus or a last minute date, another social media network as Tinder is also available for your Windows phone, which seems to be one of the most interesting apps you can download for the mobile device.

Spotify: The Best App To Hear Some Music In Your Windows Phone

If you´re one of those users that love to hear some music on the mobile device, there are some apps that would suit your needs and turn your Windows phone into the best friend you can have while walking on the street, taking a bus or laying in your bed. However, the best you can download are definitely Groove Music and Spotify, since both of these are probably the most popular and incredible music apps you can find.

Although Groove Music will rock your world for sure, Spotify would make it perfect, since this is an app that allows you to enjoy music in a way you probably didn't know it was possible, since it offers a lot of options that gives you the opportunity of having an incredible time.

 For example, you can actually listen and discover the weekly playlist of the best artist right now, view your history and add amazing songs you missed, use another incredible app as Shazam to instantly add tracks to Spotify, drag and drop song links anywhere you want, use a private listening session and even recover a deleted playlist. Definitely, this is one of the greatest apps you can download for your Windows phone for free.

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