Final Fantasy XV News: Players Still Waiting For These Features In The Game

Players are waiting for the cool and exciting features on Final Fantasy XV. They want something new to be added in the game such as other daemons that are helpful for the players and they also want to clarify some questions about the game.

The Three Summons That Players Are Waiting For

The players are waiting for new summons on Final Fantasy XV. The players are wishing for a Diablo to be added on daemons in the game. They think that it is fitting for the game to have the strongest summon especially at night.

According to iDigital Times, Final Fantasy XV needs to have a Siren summon. The summon can control the water and can add a feminine touch to the game. If Square Enix will add a female summon, the game will totally change and be more interesting.

Lastly, players are hoping that Final Fantasy XV will add Knights of the Round to be added as one of the summons in the game. The summon was part of Final Fantasy VII and the group consists god-like creatures that are powerful.

Mind Boggling Features On Final Fantasy XV

There are rumors that Final Fantasy XV will get new DLC that will contain new characters such as Luna, Iris, Aranea and Cor. The players based this DLC on the recently released books called "Final Fantasy XV Ultimania."

Also, the players are asking some questions about Final Fantasy XV such as why Ifrit became so mad. The missing link between Prompto and his dad because players are confused about the background of Noctis' friend.

It seems that Final Fantasy XV is not yet finished because of some features that are not yet added in the game. Also, there are some questions that need to be answered so that the players will not be left hanging as they play the game.

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