Pokemon GO News: Get Exciting Rewards In The New Year Event Plus Charmander, Bulbasaur And Other Pokemon Are Also Available

Pokemon GO is still on the holiday feeling because the latest event is for New Year. The event brought new exciting rewards in the game. These might help the players to be a skillful trainer. Also, there are new Pokemon that they can catch in the game.

New Year Event In Pokemon GO Brings Exciting Rewards For The Players

Althought the event is temporary, the players can get rewards that can replace what they have earned during the Christmas event. Niantic Lab decided to add bronze, silver and gold boxes for the players. Each box will contain different rewards.

The bronze box has eight lure modules and 100 Pokeballs. When the players receive the silver box, they can get eight pieces of incense, lucky eggs and lure modules. The gold box has the biggest rewards because it contains 25 pieces of incense, lucky eggs, 16 lure modules and 50 great balls.

Niantic Lab has will let the players enjoy the New Year Event in Pokemon GO until Jan. 3. Hopefully, these items will help the players to catch the Pokemon they want ever since the game was launched last year because some monsters are very difficult to catch.

Charmander, Bulbasaur And Other Pokemon Are Available In Pokemon GO

According to International Business Times, players can now catch new Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The players can get Bulbasaur, Charmander, Ivysaur, Squirtle and Charizard due to the 10th nest migration that just recently happened.

This migration is somewhat part of the New Year event in Pokemon GO. The players should maximize the availability of these Pokemon and their evolution while they are still lurking in Pokestops. They should keep in mind that this will last until Jan.8 only.

Pokemon GO is still interesting to the loyal fans. If Niantic Lab wants to keep the players busy in capturing their favorite Pokemon in the game. Hopefully, the players will still be focused in the game and the developer can use that as its driving force to bring something new to the game.

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