Prey News: The Reasons Why The Game Is One Of The Top Contender Video Game For This Year

Not only Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most awaited game for this year. Arkane Studios' Prey might be its one tough competitor. There are reasons why the latter can be a successful video game to watch out for.

A lot of Prey fans believe that the game will be a head turner this year. According to Games Radar, one of the reasons why the upcoming game is a top contender is because Arkane Studios brought exciting games such as Dishonored 2 and Deus Ex.

It seems that Arkane Studios can be confident that Prey is one of the video games to watch out for. Also, the soon-to-be released game is one of the most exciting games that the studio has developed. The game indicates how the studio has evolved in bringing worthy games to the video gamers.

Prey is also based on history just like in Dishonored 2. This will let the players learn about history and also appreciate how art can change and can affect the gameplay. If Arkane Studios has successfully included it in the latter and players appreciated it, then the former can be enjoyable also. Prey is a sci-fi game that has an intriguing storyline. The game is set on Talos I and the players can get to choose between a female or male character. Sounds familiar? Yes, Arkane Studios did let the players choose between Emily and Corvo in Dishonored 2.

Arkane Studios' Ricardo Bare explained that the reason they want the players to choose between male and female protagonist is because they want them to be comfortable while enjoying Prey. This might be helpful for the players because not all players are male, as per Stevivor.

Prey is a puzzling game but it seems that players are waiting for its release. If the fans are in for a historical yet exciting and fascinating game, then it is a must for them to try this upcoming game. Hopefully, players can see how Arkane Studios worked hard for it.

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