Samsung' Galaxy Note 8 Features AI Better Than Alexa And Siri

Everybody is craving for information or updates regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With its release date allegedly moving on the latter date of 2017, consumers are greatly hoping that they would be able to get a glimpse of what the Note 8 could offer to them. Because of this, Samsung gave out a great sneak peek of what the device would actually look like.

Samsung Fires Backs: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features Excellent And Sophisticated Specifications

Sources told that Samsung has been very critical to releasing their upcoming devices mainly because of what had happened in their Galaxy Note 7, where multiple reports drag them to controversies because of the battery issues. But it seems like the company is ready to rise again from its failure as it introduces the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

With its highest hopes of regaining their customers back, Samsung introduces its AI that would be included in their upcoming smartphones. News revealed that just like any other AI it would be helping its user achieve tasks in a more convenient and easier way. However, the AI seems to be a little bit of the top than Siri and Amazon's Alexa as it would provide an integration not just in the smartphone itself but also in devices like appliances, smart watches and tech-related gadgets.

It is also speculated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's AI is able to build its own program and cope up with the questions of the users in a faster way.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Impresses Consumers As It Features High-Quality Specifications

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seems to be proving its top of the line quality as it includes specifications that could never be observed in the smartphones currently released to date. The Note 8 features a 6GB of RAM storage capacity, an iris scanner, 30-megapixel camera, Stylus Pen Support with Speakers and Snapdragon 830.

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